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 Art & Science

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Artist Café is to provide amazing coffee in an atmosphere that promotes diverse art and culture.

The Best Coffee Experience:

We are committed to provide the best coffee experience. We truly believe that Coffee is an art… and it is also a science. The artistry is evident in the designs of our latte art. The science is in the consistency we are committed too. No matter which barista prepares your coffee, it will be the same, time after time after time. We measure everything and educate ourselves on all things coffee related.

A space for artists and artistry to thrive


Art is an expression of the soul. The Artists Cafe provides a space for that soul to spill out and fill a room. 

The Cafe welcomes musical artists, painters, crafters, and other creative minds to share their  magical works with the world. The Cafe hosts an art gallery with space for 16 piece exhibits. 

If you are an artist and interested in performing on our Music Nights (Thursdays and Fridays) please contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram

Art Book
 Wine is an Artform


Great Wine is an artform based on the mind of a great artist.  We felt it was a shame that there were so many different wines (art) and we only experience just a few. As such we wanted to bring that art to our community. 

We have a long extensive wine list that changes and cycles often, giving you a change for a different experience every time you visit. 

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